DSP Sine Wave UPS

Our Sine Wave UPS compatible for both Home and Office applications like Light, Fan, Computer, TV, Mixer, Refrigeration etc. It sets you free from the hassles of erratic power supply. Our Sine Wave UPS saves up to 40% more electricity than other Square Wave Inverters.

Key Features :
  • Digital Signal Processing - Micro Controller Based Design
  • SMPS based Charger with Multi Stage Battery Management
  • Charges Battery from Mains input 120 Volts Onwards
  • Fuzzy Logic control monitor and enhances the Battery life
  • Ultra fast Charging - adjustable from 2A to 12A
  • Inbuilt Temperature, Over Load, Short Circuit Sensors
  • Fast Synchronous Change over is Idle for sophisticated electronic equipments
  • Wide Input Voltage Tolerance from 100 Volts to 300 Volts

Online UPS

Our Microprocessor based digital control Online UPS ensures pure and perfect sine wave output delivering accurate voltage and clean power. It increases speed and efficiency of power conversion.

Double Conversion topology ensures complete isolation from the incoming distribution system and the load at the UPS output. Continuous protection of load is provided from the Inverter, whether it originates from AC-input supply or the battery. Wide input voltage tolerances, precise regulation of the output voltage and frequency and a no-break transfer to bypass mode are the other main benefits with double conversion. The advanced technology used in the rectifier section with active power factor correction reduces power consumption by 30%. It reduces input current as well as voltage harmonics and helps to considerably downsize the generator or utility power rating. It has a soft-start feature to avoid in rush current.

Key Features :
  • Micro controller based Digital Technology
  • Double Conversion Topology
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • High surge current withstanding capacity
  • High frequency IGBT devices
  • Available both Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Improved Input Power Factor to >0.9 in single phase UPS and >0.95 in three phase UPS.

Solar Hybrid UPS

Our advanced Solar Hybrid UPS designed with dual charging technology. It charges the battery both from solar power and Mains power. The built in intelligence of the UPS exploits the solar power to the maximum. UPS checks for the current available from solar and uses that for charging the battery through the charge controller and only the remaining current required is taken from the mains.

For example, suppose your battery needs 10A charging current, and if the full 10A is available from solar panel, then the UPS charges exclusively from panel only. But say, the solar panel gives you only 8A, and then UPS takes that 8A from panel and the remaining 2A from mains. This way, while we are utilizing maximum solar power available, it also ensures that the battery is properly charged even in the absence of solar power.

Key Features :
  • Dual Charging Technology for cost effectiveness / efficiency
  • Solar optimization function, preference for solar power over mains
  • On/Off Charger: Simple, low cost PV array charge controller
  • Zero voltage drop charger: for high efficiency
  • Auto select battery voltage 12V/24V
  • Customized Charging Current
  • Maximum current : up to 40A in zero drop design and up to 20A in On/Off design

Solar PCU

Our all new Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) available in both Offline and Online Topologies. In this technology Input Solar Power will get divided between Battery Charging and Inverter. If and when the Inverter load is more than available Solar Power, then Battery goes into discharge mode.

  • Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) Technology
  • Solar optimization function, preference for solar power over mains
  • Available in both Offline and Online topologies
  • Nominal DC voltage: Offline- 48/60/72/96VDC Online: 48-360VDC
  • Auto select battery voltage 12V/24V
  • Charger efficiency: More than 95%
  • PV array open circuit voltage : Three times of battery voltage

Tubular Battery

A battery is a device which produces electricity by the method of electro chemical reaction. Batteries are storage devices of power. Our Tubular batteries are designed for deep discharge for long duration backup.

  • Long life up to 5 Years
  • Low Maintenance
  • Wide Operating Temperature range
  • Charging current 10% of the battery capacity.

Solar PV Panel

We are dealing Mono and Poly Crystalline Solar PV Panels from the various high quality manufacturers across the World. Our PV Panel gives High Efficiency, Wide Temperature Tolerance.